GF Access
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How it works
Desktop software:
Installs easily on your computer desktop
Chat Rooms:
Chat with other colleagues, you suppliers and you clients through your website
Directory of every body in the jewelry industry: Diamond dealers, Gem Dealers, Jewelry Manufacturers, Services, Designers, watch dealers and manufacturers
Diamond Search:
Search through thousands of diamonds for the best price and availability from your favorite suppliers
Forum and Marketplace:
Discussion groups about the industry and business channels
Event Calendar:
Find out when and where your favorite show will be and the contact information and how to register for a specific show
Contact Management:
Keep track of the phone number, addresses, and contact information of your suppliers and also your customers. Access from any computer worldwide
Color Stone Posting:
Post for any color stones and let gem dealers contact you with your request.
Diamond Appraisals:
Find out what the replacement value of your diamond is and also the availability in the market.
Streaming Diamonds Specials:
Look for diamond specials and bid for best price
Online Magazine & News:
Daily industry news. Find out what’s going on in the industry and stay up to date and learn how to market your business