GF Access
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Color Stone Dealer
List your inventory on GF Access and Let retail jewelers search your inventory 24/7. Whether you have a website or not, jewelers can search your inventory through GF Access. Once member of GF Access, you can respond to jewelers post and requests and make new contacts through both GF Access and GemFind network.

You can also chat and participate in different discussion groups within the industry.

Use the contact management to store your client’s information and access from any computer around the world.
You can also use the GF Access Connect, on your website where clients can:

Live Chat Support

Chat with you through your website resulting in more sales and conversion
Send you an email
Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment.
Better Understand Customer Needs.
Increase Customer Confidence.
Generate More Sales Leads.
Convert More Browsers to Buyers.
Get the Most of Your Online Marketing!